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How to Join The Top Ten Percent

Ten of every one hundred people are in the top ten percent. With rare exception, they all use the shortcuts of masters and millionaires, producing better, and faster results than the other ninety... all added up together. This is not by accident, fate, gift of birth, wealth, brains, or friends.

They produce more simply because they use the same hyper-powerful techniques and words over and over and over again to produce hyper-powerful results. Only two cups for you to fill::

1) The exact sentences and questions that sparkle and produce.

2) The exact techniques that produce.

Masters and millionaires use words and questions that open doors as if by magic. When you learn to duplicate their words and techniques, you consistently duplicate their results.

It takes a minute or less to begin using each of their great Shortcuts, or PowerGems. Make no mistake, your current position means little, your current attitude means a great deal. If indeed you already know this, shut up and show that you know it by employing it to better, faster use. Every single technique shared throughout the Shortcuts of Masters and Champions work quickly.

Filtering through the greatest bits of wisdom, specific words and sentences that stimulate immediate results, and the shortcuts used by those who consistently win… we produce a decoction of these elements. In a nutshell, fast results in any and every human effort, from typing to brain surgery, sex to auto detailing, fishing or musical composition.

You don't need will power, because we will use the opposite of will power.

All great minds work backwards. You'll see it again and again and again throughout our history. they work backwards, and live forwards. They start with the end result. Whether inventing the ticker tape or the fluoroscope, or the light bulb, you have to start with what you want, first. the only two truly necessary ingredients are belief that you'll get it, and repeatedly see it or say it.

That's it. When you create a mental video of anything on earth, and believe with all your heart that you deserve it, your brain is electrically, physically commanded to seek and discern any bit of information that's related to it. Your brain is instructed to make it happen.

I mentioned the ticker tape because this incredible invention by Thomas Edison is the father of our stock quote system. He saw in advance what he wanted, and got it. Will you be surprised to learn that he also invented the fluoroscope, what you call an x-ray machine to see broken bones and hidden guns? He saw it in advance, and kept experimenting until he got it right.

Regarding one invention that he struck out on more than five thousand times, the NY Times headline ran, "Edison-Good Man Gone Mad!" The A.M.A. recommended that he be hospitalized, obsessed with a silly invention that had little practical use, as we had plenty of oil. Please note that this man to this day holds the record for being the most failed inventor in human history, due in no small part to one particularly huge fiasco with a coal mine in Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, after yet another five thousand individual strikeouts with that supposedly silly invention, Thomas Edison successfully invented the light bulb. He patented more than nineteen hundred inventions within twenty years, losing more money for his investors than any other inventor before or since and also earning more money for his investors than any other inventor before or since.

Creating a mental video with sounds, colors, smells, and feelings is one of the ten greatest, fastest-producing shortcuts available to a human being. The more you zoom in with your mental camera to record details of your desire in exquisite detail, the more instructions arrive into your brain's left and right hemispheres. The results are lightning-like. When the brain accepts a command through that wonderful device in your head that we call the Reticular Activating System, hundreds of thousands of separate commands are repeated. Just like walking, tying your shoelaces, and a thousand others tremendously difficult tasks you have mastered, desire is the single most important form of fuel, which will boost your rocket in as little as a day.

If you're living a happy, fulfilled life, pass this on to someone who isn't. If you're not living your happiest life, close your mouth, close your eyes, and use the power of image this very hour.

Whatever today's precise date is, you're only getting one of them in this life. Will your personal history show you using today the way you did yesterday, or sparkling with the power of image?

You already know that there is a top ten percent of every human group on earth. Not even one of them got there by accident. That means they do in fact arrive in that top ten percent by choice, and by plan. the only thing left to ask is whether you are you more comfortable in the bottom ninety percent, or do you perceive excitement in joining those of us who are not necessarily smarter, merely more determined, more pleased, more focused at the task of being recognized within self, and within the community, for our commitment to excellence. the greatest certainty of this message is that commitment to excellence always and forever leads us to actualization, to more complete realization of excellent results.

Duplicating a desired video in your mind, and duplicating the exact sentences and actions, are how we most effectively, and most expeditiously, achieve the results that are consistently obtained by those in that wonderful, joy-filled, profitable.... top ten percent.

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